Shannele Newbery

Are you ready to be a purpose-driven oily entrepreneur? 

Behind every successful woman, there is a sistahood of other successful women who have her back

Are you a woman who has vision and seeks a purpose? 

I’m looking for young (at heart) women who are interested in spreading light helping others, and freeing themselves financially.

My vision is to be surrounded by open hearted, like minded soul sistas who want to evolve, learn and grow each and everyday. Women who are wanting to belong and be part of a community, tribe and village that is unconditionally supportive. Which is fundamentally built on love, integrity, trust, kindness, compassion and fun.

Your a woman who is self motivated but also loves collaboration, you feel a deep calling to make a difference by helping others and serving the world and showing up for yourself. You are ready right now to start living a life that is extraordinary, health and wellness excites you, your grounded and down to earth, your willing to do the work whatever it takes for personal growth and your open to spirituality and making time for personal development on a daily basis.  

You are a woman of your word, a woman of integrity and your heart is open and ready to be full to the brim with love! You are ready to inspire and lift others so that they too can be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves and live in their divine essence and truth of who they are here to be in their lifetime through the power of pure mother earth... 

Does this speak to you Beautiful SiSTER?

My true purpose is to inspire and empower women like you to step into your courage, strength and magnificent light and shine bright like the diamond that you are and to live your true purpose.

 I’m in the business of personal development, spiritual growth and leadership. I do this through educating like minded soulies about the powerful benefits of creating an essential oil lifestyle. 

And I’m so incredibly blessed to stand behind an integral and heart centred company with a rich culture, excellent training, world-class product and generous compensation plan.

More of you than ever before are dissatisfied with the overall shape of your lives, be it your working situation, your health, your finances. We can change that, sincerely what inspires and excites you?

I’m actively calling into my life women who feel called to join our oily soul tribe – regardless of where you live (the internet is awesome!)

Network Marketing is the only business model out there that involves no risk, very little investment, zero experience or skills (you learn while you earn around here!) and one in which the average person can, with an inspired and determined heart, become a millionaire. And that’s what I love about this – it throws us on all the same field where we get to play on the same team and not only be the CEO of our life but the CEO of our beautiful business. Forget about the feared ‘Pyramid Scheme’ – this is collaborative business in the most abundantly filled way.

TO PARTNER WITH A COMPANY THAT HAS a business model as generous as ours still makes my heart sing

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