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New Moon Women's Circle

  • This Is Life Wellness Emporium 109 Brighton Road Elwood, VIC, 3184 Australia (map)

Join me Shannele and other likeminded women for our New Moon Women’s Circle

Our new moon women's circle series allows you to breathe, to slow down so you can fill your cup up for you in the 2 hours we are together. Life is busy and we get busy not giving back to the most important person of all OURSELVES!!

As you allow yourself this time to nourish and feed your soul and your heart amongst other beautiful women who are doing the same, you will start to reconnect with your body and your divine feminine energy to be honest you will start to connect with all the parts of you, the layers will slowly melt away and you can show up as YOU.

Our circle of women will be a sacred and a very safe space where we honour each other and our journey's. You will have an oppurtunity to share authentically and to start creating and manifesting what you personally want to call into your life through meditation, journalling, ritual, reflection and thought provoking conversation and listening.

Beautiful Sister are you ready to claim your birthright of shining your light with utter confidence? Are you ready to connect deeper with the parts of you that need your love and kindness. Are you ready to unlock your TRUTH? So that you can get the most out of your life because you know who you are and you can stop apologising for it.... 

If you answered yes to any of the above, Well you know what I am about to say and It's get youself a ticket sista  join us as we come together in our beautiful women's circle and enjoy the powerful magic of the New Moon and getting back in touch with mother earth, ourselves and with other women in a non judgey and loving way.

Our women’s circle will run for two hours, these gatherings of women are super special and you will feel empowered, connected and inspired. You will have new found tools and insight to support your growth and expansion as you morph into finding your inner truth.

Come as you are:)

This will be a space where you won't go unseen or unheard, you will be held unconditionally.

Please feel free to bring your friends, but ensure that they secure a ticket as space is limited.

please wear comfy clothing and bring your water bottle.


A portion of your total ticket sale will go towards the Healing hands foundation.


more info here

I can't wait to give you a giant squeeze. 

Shannele xo